Here’s an example of a recent web project that delivered an extraordinary return on investment.

Again the return was down to the power of Google Base. You can see the search example below for ‘ricoh copiers’ (click to enlarge the image) and the little shopping bag icon indicating the snippet has come from G Base.

This ‘top of Google’ result was delivered within one week of the website going live (it took around 2 weeks to build) and was responsible for – along with similar searches – the whole cost of the web project being offset within 2 weeks of going live. That represents a staggering return on investment. I cant give you the actual figures for the obvious commercial confidentiality reasons, but I think you can see that moving into pure profit after a couple of weeks if pretty impressive stuff.

Its quite a simple website as you can see below (click to enlarge the image).

Essentially its just of collection of very good product landing pages, with good calls to action with traffic driven from Google Base. So, if you’ve got products to sell get them on Google base and ensure you drive people through to relevant and well constructed product pages. You cant fail to generate business.