Tools to link your SEO, Social Media and Your Website

Previously we have discussed the idea of improving our ‘Inbound Marketing‘ and have specifically outlined the need to have some sort of ‘Content Strategy‘ in place to underpin this.

We’ve also invited you to sign up to our ‘Google Plus VIP circle‘ so you will get free lessons on Social Media and SEO essentials.

Something else I’d like to introduce you to is a set of sofware tools to simplify the whole process of Inbound Marketing.

It provides an ‘All in One’ approach to online marketing ….


It makes easy the hitherto complex task of managing an array of online and social media marketing options.

Specifically it provides the following functions people have been telling us they need for ages…

– Very easy to produce new web pages for your site or change existing ones (remembering the imperative for new content for Google’s freshness update) through an extremely easy to use content management system.


-We can ‘blog’ using exactly the same CMS…


-The blog automatically populates other important social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus to increase your web visibility.

-You are given guidelines as you add content on how to ‘SEO’ the new page to capture our important keyphrases to drive traffic and enquiries – plus many other SEO tools for keyword and link intelligence.


-You can easily add ‘calls to action’ to new pages through inbuilt options for ‘call me back’ buttons and the like – to increase web enquiries.

-You can use the social media platforms through this same interface and also monitor social media for mentions of yourselves or keywords relevant to you. So one interface into the social media world rather than lots of different interfaces.


-You can use a common analytics platform encompassing all places you are visible on the web – so you can see easily where your leads are coming from.

– Every web contact is recorded automatically and incorporated into a database you can use for on going emailing – and merged with your existing email marketing data.


…and much more.

The software to do this is from Hubspot (the 2nd fastest growing software company in the World – invested in by Google and others)

Its quite easy to move to this platform from your current one – we have just done it for our own company.

If you would like more information, or a demo or free trial please get in touch as we have an agency agreement with them for the UK. Also much more information going on to the website soon about this and we really believe this will provide a significant competitive edge (for us and you!).