Tracking PPC Conversions – Lesson 6

Welcome to lesson 6 – Tracking your PPC conversions. Conversion tracking is one of the most important parts of running PPC successfully. Without conversion tracking how can you know [...]

Creating a PPC Campaign – Lesson 5

Welcome to lesson 5 – Actually creating a PPC campaign in Google. For this lesson you will need a Google account Once you are logged into your Google account there [...]

PPC Writing Ads – Lesson 3

Welcome to lesson 3 – Writing Ads for PPC. Now that you have groups of relevant keyphrases you can start to write Ads for each set of keyphrases. The [...]

PPC Keyphrase Analysis – Lesson 2

Welcome to lesson 2 – Keyphrase Analysis for PPC Stage 1: Finding Keyphrases As with SEO the obvious starting point is the keyphrase analysis. For PPC and SEO nowadays [...]

PPC Components – Lesson 1

Welcome to our first PPC lesson. There are many components to Google AdWords campaigns for search: Campaigns, AdGroups, Ads and Phrases are the main components and are all necessary. [...]

Google PPC Lessons

Google got rich on offering its Pay per Click service; many companies do pretty well out of this unique form of marketing too, but we see so many that [...]