There has been quite a lot of discussions on Technical SEO following a blog post on Search Engine Land from Max Holloway.

The Importance of Technical SEO

It still amazes us how often we start working with companies who have previously worked with an SEO company and we find huge technical issues. We can see why people may not run through the technical aspect of SEO but never really understand why, especially with the weight this carries.

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Here are the reasons why companies may not complete the technical change:
1. They weren’t told about them;
2. The cost was too much;
3. The web developer didn’t have the expertise to complete them;
4. The website wasn’t flexible enough to be improved.
And the list goes on, but I think you get the idea.

So, Why make the Technical changes

Although it is important to work through the keyphrase analysis, make your website relevant to search engines for these phrases and then build your website reputation and presence online. If search engines and browsers have problems accessing all of this information then you will not get the good rankings.

Over the years Google especially has become stricter and stricter when it comes to the technical part of your website. 404 errors, slow site speed, 500 errors etc have always been key areas. However now it is getting more advanced with the push to responsive designed websites and HTTPS secure websites now being added to the mix – when we say now, we actually mean over the last couple of years.

What to do…

The first action should be to run a technical analysis of your website. This is running through Google Webmaster Guidelines, Setting up Google Webmaster Console (used to be Webmaster Tools) if you haven’t already and ensuring you cover as much as you possibly can.

Overall you are looking for a secure, fast website that can be accessed from all types of devices appropriately – i.e. Responsive Website.

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