Google is now including Google+ in search results. For quite a while now Google has been working on making search more personal. This started with the Google Social Search back in 2009 and now that Google has Google+ this is getting more and more advanced.

Now is a good time to let you know that this has not rolled out to the UK now so if you want to see this in action you should visit

If you are not logged into Google then the results won’t be personalised; however there will still be changes in the search results to include Google+ information.

To show this we have used a generic term computers. If you search for this in then you will get the following screen.

Here you can see that a new People and Pages on Google+ has been added to the search results.


However when we login and type in SEO we can switch between personalised and non personal search with a simple click of a button.


When we click on the personalise button Google drills down into our Google+ data; including both our posts and pictures but also the pictures and posts of people in our circles and so on to give a much more personal experience.


Here we can see that we still have the People and Pages block but we also have the option to click on personal results that we can click on to open a new type of search.

personal-results (1)

Together with Google+ results appearing in this search. These are not just Google+ pages but actual posts from Google+.


Google have also included a profile search in this new change. If you start typing a name into Google it will show possible contacts from your circles and from other people’s circles that are in your circles:


Search, plus Your World

Get involved: Here is a tutorial on how to create a Google+ account

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