As the link between local results and mobile becomes more important you need to update your local listings if you haven’t already done so.
What used to be referred to as Google local and Google Business at various times has now been wrapped into ‘Google My Business’. This is an integrated tool which allows you to bring together your business listings, with maps and your Google + page. There’s more detail on how to do this below but first I just want to remind you of the importance of local business results.

The first thing is that when people do a search for your business you/they want something like this…..


That is a location map, multiple links, contact details etc. You’ll also want this to render properly on a mobile device if thats what the search was done with….


Perhaps more importantly from a SEO perspective you will want something like this to happen for a local keyword search – e.g. ‘plumber in preston’…..


That is you’ll want to be present in the ‘Google 7 Pack’ and have map results display along side.
This is a matter of ensuring you have a Google + page integrated with maps results – and all this can be achieved by going through the ‘Google My Business ‘ process.
Just go to this page…


and click on to ‘Get onto Google’ which will take you through the process.
The first thing you will be asked is for you to login via your Google account – so if you dont have one you’ll be offered the opportunity to set one up – then its a matter of describing your business and its location – and also the link with your Google + page if you have one. Again if you don’t you’ll be asked to set one up and its important you do since this will be a way of interactively engaging with your customers.

Before this information can be published Google will send you a card through the post with a pin number/reference on it to allow you to complete the registration process by proving its your business you have described.
Once done you’ll have integration between you business details, its location and your Google + page – all accessible through different devices.

The other consideration is then the SEO – getting as high as you can in the 7 pack. Here are the main factors which will maximise your ranking position….

  • ensuring you have your full address on the site along with references to the city/location in the metadata
  • get some good local links (eg local biz directories)
  • Ideally get some reviews (good ones!)
  • get some dialogue going on G+

Best wishes with it