Is Google+ Important for your Business?

If you are interested in generating enquiries via online marketing the answer is yes, Google + is important to your business. Google + hasn’t been around for long but already has over 90,000,000 users. It’s doubled from 45,000,000 over the last 2 months and will continue to grow.

If in the past you haven’t really seen how social networking websites can help your business then I understand why you might be sceptical about Google+. After all Google has tried social networking before with Google Buzz and Google Wave.


This Time It’s Different

When searching for products and services on Google you have probably noticed that sometimes you will get personalised results (most of the time this is when you are logged in). We have seen this start a long time before Google+ and we will see this happen more and more in the future.

With the recent Google Algorithm update “Search Plus Your World” when someone is logged into Google+ they are getting personalised search results depending on their information together with the information of people in their Circles. We are also starting to see Google+ results appearing in search engine results when searchers are not logged into Google+.

With the knowledge that Google is making algorithm changes to support Google+ it is our opinion that you should have a Google+ account and a Google+ Page if you want to take advantage of the increasing integration we will see between search engine ranking results and G+.

Luckily we have something we prepared earlier to help you Create a Google+ Account. Also if you follow these instructions and create an account on Google then add Jan Klin to your Circles we will add you to our VIP Circle where we have just included tutorial that will show you how to effectively set up a Google+ Business Page.

Another Great Reason To Set Up a Google+ Page

At the moment you can search for a company on Google and find their Facebook page. Companies put a lot of effort into Facebook apart from just adding a page companies are constantly updating their status, engaging with Friends etc. But all of this extra involvement stays on Facebook. With Google+ this extra work that you put in will not only help you engage with people in your circles but will also appear in Google search results which is a great bonus.

This is just the start and Google+ already seems to be combining the best of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook into one platform.

We’re also looking forward to the PPC structure that Google are sure to add to Google+.

So Create a Google+ Account, add us to your Circles, create your business page and Google+ your world.