Google got rich on offering its Pay per Click service; many companies do pretty well out of this unique form of marketing too, but we see so many that waste lots of cash so we thought we’d provide you with some lessons to ensure your PPC is as effectve as possible.

One of our Google accredited consultants – Jon Seymour – will impart his substantial experience for you in these 6 lessons to ensure you get it right.

These lessons will show you how to create a PPC search based campaign in Google AdWords. There are a lot of tips, tools and more advanced techniques that are used in Google AdWords but these first 6 lessons are here to help you get started; we’ll send you a new one every 2 weeks. In the future we will also be publishing a wide variety of advanced PPC tools, tips and strategies.

What’s included:

Lesson 1: Major PPC Components
A descriptions of the different components used in PPC and how they should be used. Its a bit dry this lesson but its important stuff you need to know before you get started.
Get started now – Lesson 1.

Lesson 2: Keyphrase Analysis
Choosing keyphrases for your PPC, step by step instructions on how to pick great keyphrases from day one.

Lesson 3: Writing Ads
How to write ads in Google AdWords to attain a high Google Quality Score and attract more clicks.

Lesson 4: Landing Page Optimisation
Making the most of your visits by having high quality landing pages that help turn visitor into customers.

Lesson 5: Creating a PPC Campaign
Step by step instructions on how to create a PPC campaign in Google.

Lesson 6: Tracking Conversions and Managing your Campaigns
Track your visits, enquires, sales and visits to important pages with Google AdWords and Analytics.

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Best of luck with it.