Image Previews (Available in the UK and USA)

For quite a while now Google has offered Related Searches in search results which has been very useful. This is also a feature that has improved image searches and now Google has taken this a step further and will actually give samples of images for these related searches which is fantastic to help with finding exactly what you’re looking for or just have fun exploring.

For example if you search for London the related searches show as London Underground, London Eye, London Big Ben etc… Now you can hover over one of these results to show a small selection of associated images.


Related Maps (Available in the UK and USA)

Google now shows sitelinks for maps listings which is a great improvement. Again a great example of this is London. When you search for London you will now see sitelinks under the map listings allowing you to view Hotels, Restaurants and tourist locations.


Health Results (Only available in the USA for now)

More and more people are searching for health information on Google and now Google has made a big change to improve the search results. Google’s data shows that a search for symptoms is often followed by a search for a related condition.

So Google have now made this process easier by showing possible related health conditions for the for the symptoms that you have searched for. For example, if you search for abdominal pain on my right side, you’ll be able to quickly see some potentially related conditions and learn more about them by clicking on the links in the list.


These are search results and are not authored by doctors or other medical experts.