As blogged about previously we now offer guarantees with the SEO work we do. There are several variants of this detailed here but by far the most popular is the guarantee of multipling the traffic by a certain factor.

The rational for this is that tripling the traffic, say, generally leads to a tripling of sales (or enquiries if you don’t sell direct). Quite often it’s a greater factor than this because the keyphrases captured are are more relevant leading to more qualified traffic – but its reasonable to assume there’s a direct correlation between traffic and sales.

Essentially what we do is work out what is a reasonable increase in traffic and over what period – we then work out what work needs to be done to achieve this. Its generally a mix of link building work ( directories, social media sites, blogs etc) and on-page SEO work.

The customer agrees to pay a set monthly fee for this – even though most of the work is done in the initial stages – the fee stays the same. It’s a matter of balancing what is a reasonable expenditure budget against what the customer can reasonably cope with in extra sales and of course the timescale the increase in traffic is effective over.

As an example if the customer wants his sales increasing by a factor of 4 over the first year, and he knows he can cope with that increase (there’s a lot more to increasing sales effectively than taking orders!) then we work out a plan of activity and monthly cost to achieve this. If, for example, the traffic (God forbid!) only increases by a factor of 2 – then we provide a cash back on a pro rate basis ( half the money refunded in this case).

This works well for both parties – we are incentivised to succeed and the customer knows he’s working with a figure he can afford and will reduce commensurate with actual sales.

If it’s something you, or companies you deal with, are interested in – please let me know and we can do an analysis of your site and come up with a tailored proposal. You can drop me an email ( or call me direct on 01928 788100.