We have several customers who need specific help with their rankings on specific keywords. How can you help?

You are aware of the importance of quality links, in particular quality nowadays means links from sites which are authoritative themselves (lets say as measured by Google Page Rank of 3 and above); have some contextual relevance; and have the right anchor text in the link.

So, here are a few customers of ours who would like such a link from you. In return, I will give you a link from a Page Rank 3/4 from my own website (or blog if you prefer) which will be a quality link as defined above. Here are the specific companies and web sites. Please get in touch with me if you wish to partake and I’ll sort out the detail for you.

Towmaster UK.

This company manufactures and distributes exhibition trailers and a wide variety of other types of trailer including catering and box trailers. If you visit their site you will also see a gallery of their products which includes advertising trailers too. The phrase they are seeking to improve on is exhibition trailers. Are you happy to link to them?


A hugely successful web venture and now, after six months, one of the leading suppliers of plumbing and heating products on the web. One of their main products is heating boilers of various types. For the term ‘Worcester Boiler’ we have great natural and Google Base rankings but need some help with another major brand, Vaillant Boilers. Again if you are happy to trade a link get in touch please.

ALS World Movers.

This company has had great success with ‘pay per click’ advertising. The company ships products from any place in the world to any other place. International shipping and excess baggage is their sector and they are looking for good links on the phrases – shipping to australia, shipping to New Zealand, Dubai and Canada. Will a link exchange be relevant to you?

Cloggs uk

A major online brand for the sale of all types of shoes and other fashion items. They have great natural rankings on all major phrases including dr martens, converse trainers, skechers trainers and many more. Because of an upsurge in competition in Ugg Boots, this is a term we want to focus on. Is it relevant to you to link using this term in exchange for a quality link back?. Give me a call or drop me an email and I’ll sort out the details.

Ross Handling

This company’s specialty is in the provision of industrial castors for a wide variety of applications including shopfitting, point of sale and product display applications. Some are of a specialist nature like the heat resistant ones supplied to the bakery industry. Their castors come in a range of materials including rubber, nylon and steel.