This is a question I get asked a lot….and the short answer is…’it depends’. However it is relatively easy to work out, and if you want me to work it out for you get in touch and I’d be happy to do a little analysis and give you an idea.

There are some good examples below but the two main variables are:-

– The keyphrase you choose and the level of competition for it
– Where you are starting from – ie your existing reputation with Google (and as you know Page Rank is a good indicator of this.)

Here’s a company that took two weeks to get there. For their chosen keyphrases ‘garden office ’ and ‘garden offices ’ they were on the second page of Google and getting no enquiries, and although these are quite competitive phases, because of their existing page rank ( 4 and 5 for several pages) it was a simple matter of optimizing one page and within a couple of weeks they are number one and two on google. This was the time it took the google spider to revisit after the page had been optimised. Now of course they get lots of enquiries.

Hi Jan, – We have jumped to position two on google for ‘garden offices’ So well done, and thank you! Kind Regards ,Lynn Fotheringham, InsideOut Buildings Ltd.

Here’s a different example – have a relatively new website and therefore low page rank. However because their main competitors have not optimised for the phrases they chose – ‘wire mesh radiators ’, ‘wire mesh grilles ’ to name but two. They have a number one and a number three ranking respectively (out of 350,000 and 750,000 competing pages). This was achieved with a couple of weeks of the website going live despite a Page Rank of zero on the optimised pages! So, if your competitors don’t optimise (and most don’t) you’ll get rankings very quickly and business as a result.

Jan , I am over the moon with the results from the site, I have seen a significant increase in enquiries generated via the internet, thank you. Pam Wilson, Managing Director,

This company – – were number one on google on ‘textile manufacturing company ’ within days of their site going live (out of 11,400,000 competing pages!). Although a brand new site was produced we preserved their existing page rank (5) by keeping the filenames the same. This, and the little serious competition enabled good ranking to be achieved very quickly.

Hi Jan ….We have had approx 6 new clients since web page posted – great stuff. One
from USA today! Regards David
David Hardman, Chairman, Lantex Manufacturing Company Ltd

A similar story with – new website, preserved page rank, number one rankings on ‘anti slip tape ’ and ‘non slip tape ’ despite over 15,000,000 competing pages. They’re exceptionally busy generating masses of business from all over the world.

Jan, that really is good! Best regards,Larry
Larry Longton, Managing Director,

….A different example from a different type of business. does what it says on the tin. In this case it took a bit longer (about 3 months) because of their low page rank and reasonable level of competition (1/2 million competing pages for ‘manchester acupuncturist ’)

Hi Jan,
Thanks for the report, I am very pleased.
Just to let you know I have such a great response to the web site since you have been optimising it, there is very little other advertising that I need do.
It has been great to be able just to let you get on with it with confidence.
With best wishes. Abbie Richardson,

As you can see most of my clients send their thanks and appreciation (and some send me cash as well!)

So, give me a call if you want me to estimate how long it will take for your company to start getting serious business through your website.
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