We’ve all been there; visited a website clicked on a link and seen the dreaded 404 error:
google-404-error1 Over the years we have seen websites suffer in Google rankings for having too many 404 errors and strongly recommend that everyone fixes as many of these as possible to ensure that both search engines and visitors enjoy your website.

Finding & Fixing Not Found Errors

We often get asked how to fix Google Crawl Errors so here is a quick tutorial to show you how to locate and fix Not Found Crawl Errors First Login to Google Webmaster Tools. If you don’t have an account please register for one here: https://www.janklin.com/blog/google-account Once you login click on the website that you want to find and fix the errors for. 1-Janklin-acount On the next screen click on either Crawl Errors under Current Status or Crawl then Crawl Errors in the left menu. crawl-errors The next screen shows a list of broken links. link-popularity-broken Now that you can see the broken links, you need to visit one of these one at a time. To do this click on each link. For example we clicked on blog/www.www.Nile-Cruises-4u.co.uk Not-Found Now that you see this error, click on Linked From To see where Google found the error. On this example e can see 2 pages. broken-links So we then visit each link and find where the error is. For example on our: https://www.janklin.com/blog/success-in-seo-in-the-highly-competitive-travel-sector page. We can see the error on the page: broken-link-on-text We can also see this in the code: broken-link-code Here we can see that we forgot to include the http:// before the www.Nile-Crusies-4u.co.uk in the code. Once we fixed these errors we revisited Webmaster Tools Account and clicked on the Mark As Fixed button Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 15.10.49As soon as this was done we simply move onto the next Crawl Error. Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 15.13.44 We hope this helps but if you run into any difficulties please feel free to contact us: Jon Seymour: 01928 788 100 jon@janklin.com