I want to show you a quick way to get big ranking improvements in the shortest time possible. ‘Instant’ is a slight exaggeration since it will take a couple of weeks or so, typically, for Google to re-spider your site – but its as instant as anything ever is with Google.

The approach takes advantage of Google’s increasingly positive focus on fresh content. Fresh content has always been important but over the past year its become more so. So, time for some fresh copywriting of existing pages.

So there are two parts to this – the first is to identify some high authority pages in your site – the second is then to re write those pages in accordance with some guidelines I’m going to give you. Then, just sit back and be amazed at the improvements in ranking!

Re-crafting your textual content

Let’s start with the re-writing guidelines then I’ll show you how to find the best pages to rewrite.

You may remember a few weeks back I produced a post showcasing some best practice in content production – here’s the post again which you should re-read after you’ve finished reading this one…

Producing Great Textual Content

It will require that you rewrite the relevant page including well structured text (as in the example in the post) – probably go for around 500-800 words (I know, but it will be worth it – Google and your visitors will love you for it). You will also need to identify a few keyphrases (say, two to three) and ensure they are represented there in the text and in the metadata. To remind you how to structure the metadata you may find it necessary to re-visit our relevant lessons…

lesson 1 – Constructing the Title tag

lesson 2 – Constructing other metadata

Finding high authority pages in your site

There are several tools to enable you to identify high authority pages in your site (high authority pages are those that Google favours) but my preference is the Moz tool. I’ll show you how to download it in a moment which is very simple. Once you have done this you will need to list the pages you have in Google by using the ‘site’ command. Here’s an example with one of our customers…

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 17.00.39

You can see they have over 250,000 pages in Google because they are a large ecommerce site – you will have far less. Here’s a page of their results with the Page Authority (PA) listed along side each page…

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 16.59.32

You can see that the Moz tool provides the Page Authority (PA) for each page and Ive arrowed the highest one on this page ( PA 27). You may want to identify a few by browsing the first few pages – but maybe it makes sense to identify one first and produce the re-written text for this page.

One final point about the re-written content: Make it good; follow the guidelines in the example; make it high value for your readers; dont over stuff with keywords – just 2-3 repetitions of the phrases you choose will be fine.

Best wishes with it and here’s the link to download the Moz tool (and a little explanatory video as well) if you don’t have it already.