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International SEO Services

Generating enquiries and sales from all over the world is a powerful concept we can embrace using the web. However there are some very specific points we need to address to ensure we maximise our visibility in different remote geographies.

International SEO

Below is a collection of resources to help you with this, but typical points which need to be addressed are:-

Translations – do I need to translate my website?

If so which languages and how many pages?

Domain issues – do I need separate domains for the countries I want to target? – Eg www.yourdomain,de, etc OR can I get away with one website for multiple countries

Which search engines are relevant – Google isn’t dominant in all locations – for example Yandex in Russia and Baidu in China have major market shares in their respective countries

Are there any specific settings I need to make for the search engines to give international visibility?

These are some of the more important considerations but there are others too; to help you with this we have some resources for you below but please contact us if you have any specific needs you wish to discuss with us as this is an area we have specialised in for the past 12 years. Here are the resources…

Three on-line free lessons on our blog to help get your international SEO in shape:-

Here’s a series of slides from a recent half day seminar on International Digital Marketing.

Here’s details of a course we run for UK Trade and Investment nationwide which we can also run on your premises…
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