It’s always good to see how internet marketing affects different companies and industries. Here is an interview with the Marketing Manager of Heskins.


How would you describe your company and its mission?

Heskins are a manufacturer and supplier of self-adhesive anti slip tape and floor marking material. Exporting worldwide to mainly B2B customers that are either resellers or commercial end users.

Heskins mission is to provide cost effective, high quality anti slip and floor marking solutions produced via lean manufacturing methods.

How long have you had a website and what is its main purpose?

Heskins have operated the main website since 1997 with the main purpose being to inform customers as thoroughly as possible before contacting to order to optimise the buying process, thus reducing turnaround times.

Does the site work for you? i.e. deliver the benefits you were expecting?

It delivers exactly what Heskins expect, providing a platform to simply yet effectively inform the customer to help them make a buying decision.

What is your online marketing strategy? – which methods do you use to attract potential customers?

Using a mixture of PR, blog, social media to deliver news directly to and engage with the customer alongside advertising on industry specific websites. All tying in to increase brand awareness and become a market leader.

How does your online activity mesh with your offline marketing?

Offline marketing to create leads is very minimal, using focused, consistent advertising in printed publications helps to create brand awareness. Once a lead is obtained, offline marketing is achieved to full effectiveness in the form of brochures and sample packs to help the customers buying decision further, giving the customer opportunities to learn more about each product using the latest web technologies integrated with smart phones and tablets to make the investigative process leading to a buying decision as easy as possible.

How much business do you do on the web?

The majority of our business is obtained and conducted via the web.

What is the single biggest lesson you have learned about your web activities?

That it’s easy to waste money promoting yourself on the internet.

Can you imagine life without a website?

Heskins would not be where it is today without the website and the team it has behind the scenes to maintain it.

How have you found working with Jan Klin & Associates?

Heskins have an excellent relationship with Jan Klin & Associates. We find they have excellent knowledge combined with an organised work structure that helps keep the work flowing as it should.

How have Jan Klin & Associates helped you?

Jan Klin & Associates have helped guide the in-house marketing team at Heskins with outside opinion and advice regarding on site optimisation as well as off-site marketing strategies.

Not only that, but they have helped to optimise the Google AdWords campaigns, increasing clicks and driving down costs.