It’s always good to see how internet marketing affects different companies and industries. Here is an interview with the Marketing Manager at Mantracourt Electronics.


How would you describe your company and its mission?

Back in 1974, when we founded Mantracourt, our mission was clear: to lead the field in the application of microelectronics across all sectors of industrial measurement. Over the past four decades Mantracourt, still proudly based in the Southwest of England, has fulfilled that goal. Today our mission remains the same: we continue to provide cutting-edge technology to scores of OEM sensor manufacturers and our international distribution network now spans over 30 countries.

How long have you had a website and what is its main purpose?

Mantracourt has had an online presence since 1997.  The main purpose of this site is to showcase our high performance sensor measurement range and generate leads, with the overall aim of increasing sales revenues.

Does the site work for you? i.e. deliver the benefits you were expecting?

Yes, since working with Jan Klin we have seen a significant increase of over 35% in overall traffic to our site.

Our site generates new leads and prospects which are directed to the site predominantly via search engines.  This is why our SEO collaboration with Jan Klin has proved vital to us.  Implementation of on-page keywords, backlinking and various ‘calls to action’ which were advised by Jan Klin, has helped boost our online presence, generated more traffic and as a result has provided an increase in enquiries.

What is your online marketing strategy? – which methods do you use to attract potential customers?

Our online marketing strategy consists of a mix of the following:  Content marketing, SEO, email marketing and social media marketing.  A combination of these strategies are used to communicate and attract potential customers.

How does your online activity mesh with your offline marketing?

We ensure our online and offline marketing activities complement each other in order to strengthen our brand and create a strong customer experience.

How much business do you do on the web?

The majority of new enquiries are generated via our website so this medium is vital for the growth of Mantracourt.

The ongoing SEO work and support and advice we receive from Jan Klin keeps our site up to date and helps us compete with of our competitors’ sites.

What is the single biggest lesson you have learned about your web activities?

Probably the biggest lesson we have learnt is that this is no right or wrong way to do anything online.  Changing, monitoring and seeing the results is a good way to assess what works best onsite.

Can you imagine life without a website?

No!  Our website is our virtual ‘shop window’ to markets that we trade with across the globe.

Being a UK based office, we are limited to trading in our time zone. Having a website allows us to communicate our products and services with International companies at a time that is convenient for them.  It will also shortly become an international e-commerce platform.

How have you found working with Jan Klin & Associates?

The team at Jan Klin are knowledgeable, professional, reliable and really easy to work with.  They are always at the end of the phone or email, ready to provide us with instant support and benefit from their SEO expertise, no matter how big or small the question – nothing is ever a problem.

How have Jan Klin & Associates helped you?

Jan Klin services have proved invaluable in helping us grow our international markets.

They provide us with SEO expertise and a wealth of knowledge that have helped us grow our online presence.

Anything you would like to add?

We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jan Klin to other SME’s looking to grow their online presence especially in international markets.