Here is a copy of the Keyphrase Analysis we have sent to Seasoned Pioneers.

Keyphrase Analysis

We have started this process by working through the homepage, category pages, sub category pages and given an example recipe and product page. Later on we will obviously work through the rest of the recipe and product pages.

keyphrases (1)

On this report/spreadsheet you can see that we have performed a visitor analysis to see what phrases Seasoned Pioneers are already getting visits for. The main reason for this is to use this data to work on improving the optimisation for phrases that have already have listings and have good search volumes to capture more of these searches. For example: Seasoned Pioneers are at position 4 on Google when people search for Spices Online and they have had 203 visits over the last year for this phrase. However in the UK this phrase is searched for 1,900 times per month so there is a lot of scope here to get more visits for this phrase by improving the optimisation and getting this listing higher up the page on Google.

As well as an overall summary of the phrases we recommend for the different pages on the website (Keyphrase Summary tab on the spreadsheet) we have also included our individual page working analysis on other tabs in the spreadsheet to show how we came up with these phrases.

We have also had a few discussions with Matt and Seasoned Pioneers about other phrases that we could capture with additional pages. Here are a couple of examples we have discussed:

Celebrity Chef Pages: This can consist of a full library of celebrity chefs and each page can contain books, ingredients for recipes and if we can have permission some of the recipes…

Cuisine Sub Category Pages: These can be sub category pages to each type of cuisine. For example Cajun For Chicken, Cajun for Fish etc… categories under Cajun Cuisine.

Analysis Tools

Here are some of the tools we use to perform Keyphrase and traffic analysis:

Google Keyword Tool: This tools is used mainly for search volumes and keyword ideas.


Google AdWords: This tool is used for the traffic analysis so we can analyse the current visits, landing pages, bounce rates, landing pages etc…


Google: We use this to analyse the competition. Together with the number of competing pages we can also see how relevant the phrases are that we are researching and we can also look at the websites that are currently getting top positions.


For more information on using these tools, please visit our keyphrase analysis lesson.

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