It may see a little far fetched to think of Google as a thinking machine but its algorithm is so advanced now it really helps with SEO if you consider how Google would rank sites if it were human.

Let me give you an example. We all know that textual, well written, comprehensive content is good for rankings but we can take it a stage further, Here’s the example…

Look at this page…

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 09.38.12

If you scroll down this page you see its text rich. We can argue about the aesthetics later but accept at the moment that this is an authoritative piece of content relating to ‘investment castings’.  Investment castings are what this company does – I’d not come across the term before but you’ll see from the graphics that what they are is precision engineered components.

If you do a google search for ‘investment castings’ you’ll see this page comes third out of over a million pages…

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 09.33.22

Wikipedia comes first and second is a exact match domain, so not bad for a small company.

If you read through this text you’ll see that it discusses investment castings from different angles. The history of investment castings, the procesess, the applications, the quality procedures and so on – and this is the key take away.

So imagine if Google were human; somebody does a search for investment castings and google filters in a load of pages (over a million in this case). Then google says to itself ‘well what exactly does the searcher want to know about investment castings’?. Well he doesn’t say, he just types in ‘investment castings’. Then Google sifts though all the pages its filtered in and says to itself – ‘well this one talks about all aspects of investment castings, Ill give this one a high ranking since its so general and comprehensive there’ll be something on this page relevant to the searcher’.

So thats the key take away from this.  Writing about a subject from different angles is good for google if you wish to capture head phrases like this. Google is always trying to work out user intent based on limited information and your job as a copywriter is to make the text as authoritative and as interesting as possible to maximise visibility.

This might seem obvious but Ive seen many attempts at writing good text fall well short of this – so well structured content about a subject, broken into sections like this one, with appropriate H1/H2 headers in place is the way to go. Good copywriting is important but its equally important to get inside the mind of Google.