Its always good practice to work out where you are now before planning for any improvements.

At this stage we are going to check out two things:

1. Your current exposure to the major search engines
2. Your current performance with your major keyphrases with the major search engines

1. The first question is whether or not you are being recognised by the search engines – that is, has, for example, Google spidered your site and included you in its index (its database)?
Its easy to check this by simply typing your domain name into the Google search box (and also for the other search engines). If you are indexed it will then show you what is included.

There is a simpler way. Fortunately we have some online tools (I’ll be introducing you to several as we move through the lessons). The one I’ll introduce you to at this stage is

If you go to this site you will see three tools in the central column under ‘Search’, they are Link Popularity Check; Search Engine Saturation and Keyword Verification.

It’s the second one we want – Search Engine Saturation. If you click on this tool then type in your domain name a report will be generated for you. This report will tell you how many pages you have indexed with all the major search engines ( if they recognise your site). You’ll need to keep a record of this report since we will use it as the baseline for improvements as we move through.
If most of the pages in your site are recognised by all the major search engines that is obviously a good starting point.

2. The second question is where are you ranked with your major keyphrases with the major search engines.?

This time we need to click on the Keyword Verification option at Marketleap. This will allow you to type in one of your keyphrases (eg for me it might be ‘web marketing consultant’).

The report generated will tell you whether this search term ranks you in the first 30 results with all the major search engines.

Obviously you can do this several times with different search terms you think are important to you. You will see also that you can identify how you competitors rank.
Again you need to record this information somewhere since the objective of the lessons is to enable you to make big improvements on you current rankings.

In future lessons we will show you how to identify the best keyphrases for you, or, if they are the ones you have used above how to improve your rankings with these keyphrases.

Please get in touch if you need any help 01928 788100 ; or look at our services (Traffic Builder) to help you do this if you don’t want to do it yourself.