How Google Decide on Algorithm Changes

Google add 8 cameras and 16 microphones to a Google Algorithm Change meeting and broadcast this to the world. This video shows how every change even the smallest of changes get intense scrutiny by their search evaluation and ranking teams.

Google Improves its Bad Ad Detection Process

Over the last few months there have been a few complaints about Google allowing malicious download ads and ads to websites containing scams and viruses. Although Google is always trying to detect and remove these ads they have improved their detection process considerably in March by:

  • Allowing users to block counterfeit ads;
  • Improving the automated systems that detect counterfeit ads to ban the advertiser and not just the ad;
  • Google Staff will now actually view suspicious ads and decide whether to an them.

Six Fundamental SEO Tips


Google has released 6 SEO fundamental tips and here they are:

  1. Do something cool: This is a great way to stand out from the competition;
  2. Include relevant words in your copy: Basically optimise your pages but don’t keyword stuff, you can make sure your website is relevant for keywords without keyword stuffing;
  3. Be smart about your tags and site architecture: Free SEO Lessons will show you how to align the title tag, meta keywords etc… on your website;
  4. Sign up for email forwarding in Google Webmaster Tools: SO you are the first to hear if Google sees anything wrong with your website;
  5. Attract Buzz: Write good interesting content that people will want to share and include social media buttons on your website to get natural links;
  6. Stay Fresh and Relevant: Keep content up to date and add new content whenever you can, however don’t add content for the sake of it and keep the content relevant.

Google’s Re-evaluation of Links Causes Problems

In February Google announced that it’s changing the way it evaluates links. In particular they are switching off a method of link analysis that they have used for years. Now that this change and an update to Panda have been made we can see some websites de-indexed from Google.

In March it looks like blog networks have been hit by this change and Buildmyrank is actually shutting down.

Google has been cracking down on mass produced low quality content sites over the last year with Panda updates so the obvious next step was to move this into mass produced low quality links.