As mentioned in our recent post we are now using more advanced ranking tools that allow us to track and report on SEO more efficiently. It brings a wealth of information to your fingertips through one system – and integrates also with Google Analytics and other useful SEO tools.

This will be useful to you if you value your SEO activities – if you are an existing client you will get this automatically; if not we can set it up for you if you get in touch.

There are some key features outlined below and please contact us if you need more.

As you are probably aware there are a lot of aspects that we both initially look at for a website (you will have seen this from the Technical Report that we produced for Seasoned Pioneers) and on going aspects the analyse and work on.

With our new system we can now do this is one place. Here is an overall list of the capabilities we now have in one place with our new system:

Website Auditing

We can now run a full website audit which includes viewing Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, status codes (404 errors etc…), which pages are indexed by Google, Links to and from a page, Moz Rank, Domain Authority, Duplicate content, pages blocked by robots.txt etc…


Keyword Analysis

We can run work with Google Adwords Keyword Tool (WordTracker and 7Search) directly from our system together with running keyword difficulty checks, set keyword priorities and run competitors analysis.

Just Like Google

We can now view websites as Google will view them which allows us to analyse content and code more accurately (well more easily).

Content Optimisation

Run Content optimisation checks on pages for specific phrases to ensure that keyphrases are captured in the correct places, there aren’t excessive external links etc…


Standard Traffic Analysis

We can run a standard traffic analysis which allows us to see the rankings for positions as well as the number of visits and search volumes for that month.


Link Management & Building

We can track and monitor both clients and competitors links in one place and run comparative reports (Taking information directly from SEOMoz – Open Site Explorer).


Google Analytics

Import information direct from Analytics to combine this information with the other metrics from your website including rankings on search engines


Social Media

Monitor twitter, Facebook and Google+ in one place for your website and your competitors.


Obviously the key to all of this information is that our clients have access to our system online so that they too can view all of the main information including: Rankings, Analytics, Links and Social Media. This gives you the option to view dashboards and drill down as far as you want too.


If you are interested in our ranking system and would like to know more. Please feel free to contact us: Jan – – 01928 788 100