Recently we wrote a post about what “featured snippets” are, and who can get them. This post that follows on from that to show you how to optimise your website for featured snippets.

If you followed the last post then you’ll have a list of phrases that you want to rank for, together with the pages that you have a realistic chance of getting the featured snippet listing for.

Featured Snippet Optimisation

The fact that you already have a page one listing for the page normally means that it is already optimised. Therefore, you won’t want to hinder that listing.

You’ll want to include more informational text on the pages. This includes questions with answers to the phrases that you want to rank for. When doing this you don’t just have to include the original phrase, but include variation and other potential phrases that come up in the related questions boxes. Google is very good at semantic search.

You should try to include the question as a sub heading (H2) to give it more prominence on the page.

It’s the only time you’ll hear us say this: Make the answers concise. Normally we are recommending a lot of good quality unique content but in this instance the answers should be concise – so that they can be included in the featured snippet.

All you need to do is to adjust your writing style just a little:
• Ask the question in your article (that may be a subheading)
• Immediately follow the question with a one-paragraph answer
• Elaborate further on the page

Featured Snippet Images

As with most SEO, you’ll want to add images. However, as the images for the featured snippets can also be included in the listing, it’s a good idea to not only include them but actually include the best possible images (as if you wouldn’t anyway!). Also, where possible, include your company logo on the image.


As with all marketing, you should monitor these changes. For this we recommend combining SEO rankings with Ranking checks for Featured Snippets. Moz is very good for this, whilst AHrefs also provides this feature.

Need Help?

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