QUESTION: I’ve generated a list if keyphrases I want to optimise my site for – can you help me work out which pages to use to capture them.

Paula Chalmers, OfficeBuild, Kendal, Cumbria

ANSWER: Here’s the best approach – bearing in mind that typically we are choosing one page on which to capture one phrase.

There is a command you can use at google which you need to know about – the SITE command.

If you type in in the Google search bar, Google will list all the pages of your website it has in its index (database). Clearly these are the best ones to optimise since they are already indexed by Google.

If you do this and discover that only your homepage is listed then you need to look at your navigation – the easiest solution is to use a Google sitemap (drop me an email and I’ll send you a link). Lets assume you dont have this problem and have most of your site indexed.

The next step is to choose one of your target keyphrases and type:- keyphrase

eg internet marketing

If I did this it would list all the pages in the Google index that already include the phrase ‘internet marketing’.

Clearly then, since the phrase already exists in this page it becomes a contender for optimisation. (ie changing the density of the phrase and the a associated metadata)

Quite often this will deliver several pages for you so you will have a choice. How to decide is discussed below. If no pages get shown then you will need to develop a new web page to capture this phrase or convert one of your other pages.

Choosing the best page in the list

Assuming you have several options the factors to help you decide which one to choose are:-

Relevance – how relevant is it that this page’s content gets rewritten to incorporate the phrase the requisite number of times.

Page Rank – The higher the Page Rank the easier it is to get good rankings

Filename – if the file/page name already includes the keyphrase so much the better.

…and that’s it. Just repeat the above for each of your phrases. This is the way that we do it and it works really well. But please call or email if you have any problems. (01928 788100;