The first step is to see if your website is on BING. The obvious way to do this is to search for your website on BING. However, we recommend seeing how many pages you have cached on BING at the same time.

To do this simply type this into BING, obviously changing with your website:

If your website is not listed then you will need to submit it to BING first. This is done by simply adding your website via this URL:

Creating A BING Account

First please visit

One advantage to signing up is that BING will give you £75 towards marketing with BING – which may come in useful.

Once you click on the Signup button you will be taken through 5 forms to fill in. This will include one that sends a verification code to your email address.

Once this is done it will take you back to the first screen. Here you can click on the Sign In button.

You may be asked to login but normally this takes you straight to BING Webmaster Tools.


Then simply fill in the form with your information. Once this is done click SAVE.

The next screen will add your website but will ask you to verify.

On this screen click the Verify Now link.

This will give you a few options to verify, just like Google.

Choose the best one for you and follow the instructions for that method.

Once the code of file has been added to your website. Click on the Verify button.

If you are taken to the BING Dashboard then this has been successful.

If you have any problems at any stage, please get in touch and we can help.