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Imagine this – someone searches for you company or brand, and towards the top of the Google hitlist appears a link to unfavourable criticism. Not good if its a potential investor or customer – but this is exactly what happened to one of our US customers who hired us to eliminate the risk.
Tapjoy is major mobile advertising technology company based in California, growing rapidly and worth over $100 million – the last thing it needed was negative, and unwarranted criticism from a highly regarded technology journalist.

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They chose us to help them because of our reputation for innovative SEO solutions and cost effectiveness compared to the major US online reputation management companies.

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How do we do it?

Our solution to the problem was to interject Google snippets between their own website and the offending article that systematically moved the ranking lower until it appeared on page 2 of Google – and effectively invisible.

This is a standard approach to these problems but where do these other digital assets come from that can be interspersed in the Google rankings?

Typically it would be a combination of digital assets already owned by the company, but not well ranked, new assets acquired, assets we know and/or own and snippets below the offending article that can be moved above it.

In all it took just over 2 months to eliminate this negative article.

Our Reputation Management Service

Our approach to RM is in two stages –

Firstly we produce a detailed reputation restoration plan (RRP) – this is a detailed document which comprises the results of the analysis we carry out and a month by month action plan to achieve the objectives.

Secondly comes the execution of the plan to restore your reputation. This can be carried out by yourselves under our guidance (the report is detailed enough for this to happen). Alternatively we can execute the plan for you.

The RRP contains details of both timescale and the specific web assets which will be used in the project. If we execute if for you then we will provide a fixed fee and timescale. If, for whatever reason, the objectives aren’t met in the timescale specified we carry on working for no additional costs until your reputation is restored.

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Please contact us for more information – t: 01492 460 460,
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