Whether you decide to do this yourself, or get someone to do it for you, it probably represents the best return on investment you will get in online marketing.

The postings on the blog will give you all you need – approaches, tools, resources, know how – to enable you to do it yourself. If you need to talk to me at any time, please feel free to call ( direct line:01928 788100).

Each month we will address a key stage of SEO showing you exactly what you need to do. Over a period of time this will form a complete DIY kit for you.
Its worth re-iterating that the first page on search engines is where the action is regarding sales. Over 80% of buyers buy from sites listed on the first page; 85% of traffic is driven by the top five hits, etc, etc – you know this and that many people have obtained tremendous success through their page one ranking. Here’s you chance to get amongst them.
It may be that to get success you don’t need to do too much – its down to how much competition there is for your target keyphrases. The fact that the vast majority of companies (I estimate over 95%) don’t know about this subject means you will have a head start to get positioned above the masses.
The process I will take you through is the following:
1. Understanding where you are now – the audit
2. Identifying the ‘roadblocks’ – what are the factors inhibiting your ranking.
3. Identifying relevant keyphrases to optimise your site around
4. Ensuring your site has the ideal structure for search engine spiders
5. Inserting the keyphrases into the relevant metatags in the correct form, and also in other key areas of the site
6. Inserting the keyphrases into the relevant visible content ( paying due attention to keyword density issues)
7. Submitting your site to search engines and directories
8. Building an effective backlink strategy
9. Content development techniques.
10. Monitoring and measuring your impact.
So, over a period of time you will become very knowledgeable and WILL be successful if you give it the attention it deserves. It’s not a short term fix but will deliver solid results for you in the medium term.
Each of the above steps will be communicated to you as a ‘Lesson’ in my blog postings. Lesson 1 will take you through the audit process. If at any time you wish to speed up the process then you should consider our ‘Traffic Builder’ service which is also posted on the blog.
Again, if at any time you wish to discuss anything with me don’t hesitate to call – 01928 788100. www.janklin.com