Maximising Sales Through High Search Engine Visibility – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Training 2015

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This course will provide you with all the tools, techniques and know how to get you to the top of search engines and deliver new business.

Importantly it will include the techniques we have developed over the past 10 years – techniques which work for our clients and provide the quickest way to get success.

In over 35 years of business life I’ve attended many training courses, and your one day SEO training was one of the best. It went at a good pace, was full of really useful information and the USB stick you gave us is packed with help and assistance. I came out of it energised and ready to tackle SEO! Many thanks. Kathy Guest, Director, Marketing Results Ltd.

Our Search Engine Optimisation training (SEO training) is now updated to include the new factors to consider for 2015 – including personalisation, real time search and integration with Social Media. In addition how best to take advantage of Google’s latest ‘Panda’, ‘Penguin’ and ‘Hummingbird’ updates and Google + integration.

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in internet marketing wanting to get the very best results for their search engine marketing budget including sales and marketing managers, online marketers and consultants.

How will you benefit?

Apply the learning from this course and your website ranking and position will be boosted within the results pages of all the major UK and global search engines, maximising the marketing return on your website investment.

SEO Course Module 1: Introduction and finding keyphrases

  • An outline of the ‘best practice’ structured process to optimisation
  • How to find the most effective keyphrases to bring relevant visitors to your site – web based tools and other approaches
  • Balancing semantic search considerations with keywords
  • Assessing the ‘relevance’, ‘popularity’ and ‘competition’ for your keyphrases
  • Harnessing the ‘long tail’ for maximum sales and conversions
  • Keyword strategies for ecommerce sites
  • Techniques for assessing the competition and how long it will take to achieve good results

SEO Course Module 2: Auditing your existing site and SEO considerations for new sites

  • The major factors which will provide good SEO ranking – both within your website and external factors
  • How search engines work and which are important
  • Using web based tools to assess your current position versus your online competition
  • Building a new web site – the essential for SEO success. Choosing the right technology and CMS (content management system)
  • Identifying and removing roadblocks which can negatively affect your SEO efforts
  • Analysing your link infrastructure and eliminating troublesome links

SEO Course Module 3: Optimising your web pages

  • Explaining metadata and identifying the most important metadata in your site for top search engine performance
  • Structuring your title, description, keyword and H1 tags for optimisation
  • Explaining ‘keyword density’ and the importance of effective copy writing for high SEO rankings
  • SEO copywriting in a ‘semantic search’ world
  • Using web based tools to analyse your existing copy – keyword density and semantic issues
  • SEO copywriting techniques – how to pander to panda
  • Implementing your optimisation – matching pages to phrases

SEO Course Module 4: Developing backlinks and content marketing

  • A structured approach to developing your content marketing and linking strategy
  • The importance of backlinks to your SEO rankings
  • How to develop and assess links from the best sources
  • Content Marketing method for link and visibility development
  • Analysing your links and your competitors links using web based tools
  • 8 key target areas for your links – from directories to social media sites

SEO Course Module 5: Monitoring our performance and fine tuning

  • Monitoring your rankings and click throughs – using web based tools to see keyphrases and search engine positions
  • Telephone tracking – relating enquiries to keyphrases
  • Analysing what’s working for you and how to improve
  • Which phrases are working for you, which search engines and directories are delivering results
  • Fine tuning your SEO to out compete your online competitors
  • What to avoid to remain ‘search engine friendly’

SEO Course Module 6: Utilising Social Media and understanding the latest Google ranking factors

  • Working with Blogs to improve SEO
  • Working with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and Google+
  • Google ‘universal search’ – including video, image and news SEO
  • Local Search – make sure you are on the ‘Google Map’ for local searches
  • ‘Digital Assetts Optimisation’ – including Video SEO (YouTube and others
  • Real time search, personalisation and website speed issues

SEO Course Module 7: Advanced SEO

  • International SEO – domain and hosting issues
  • Translation options and geo-targeting
  • Using redirection principles to preserve domain authority
  • Using Re-marketing techniques to bring web visitors back for increased conversions
  • Duplicate content issues and identification
  • Advanced improvement techniques

Please contact us now if you wish to benefit from this SEO training or find delivery locations near to you. The course fee (£295 plus vat per person) includes refreshments, lunch and comprehensive training materials (including a usb stick with all powerpoint slides and links to web tools)

The course is also available to be run on your own premises

Next availability : August 20th, Liverpool; October 15th Manchester; November 9th Chester

Contact Jan Klin – 07946 523532 or email

Dear Jan,

I was on your excellent ‘Loughborough UNI Course’ and you blew my socks off! I was VERY impressed with your presentation and ‘Inside Track’ knowledge. ……Thank you for your effort to making it the best and most interesting business presentation I have seen in years!
Well done!

Yours sincerely,
Paul R Morton, Morton Connolly
Managing Director

Fantastically detailed course packed with useful content explained in a jargon free way – you will go home full of inspiration and practical ideas on how to make your website more visible.

Debbie Wells, Director, Cameron Wells Communications