As ecommerce continues its relentless rise (According to Nielsen, 98% of UK internet users now shop online) and Google continues to dominate the way we find products and services (around 76% market share whether we are researching or buying) you probably dont need me to remind you of the imperative to increase your website’s visibility.

Here’s the best way – Google Universal Search – I know, Ive talked about this before, several times, but its still the biggest thing to change the search landscape and provide real opportunities for exceptional traffic. For example, look at this…..

Anyone not on the map is effectively non existent as far as the searcher is concerned. As you may remember from previous posts over 75% of all visits come from the ‘above the scroll’ positions.

Its essential if you are a hotel to be on the map, but when you consider that almost half of all searches are for local services (insurance company kent, solicitor preston, lawnmower supplier manchester, search marketing company liverpool….) then there is a great opportunity for most companies to differentiate themselves from the masses by appearing on the map, like for example the following….

Of course this cabling company on the map will get a disproportionately higher number of visits than his competitors.

Here’s how to do it from a previous post –

This is a good example of Google Universal search in action, where Google will bring in the most appropriate results, not just little blue snippets from its main database.

So, if you sell products get into Google Base, like Plumbnation….

If you have anything newsworthy post to Google News…

Why not get video clips on You Tube and images in Google images…

The point is you have a real opportunity to show up in different forms from different locations courtesy of Google Universal Search.

Over the coming months I’ll be publishing a detailed lesson on each of the important areas you can optimise for (G Base, video, maps, podcast, image, news, etc, etc) so over a period of time you can make sure you maximise your exposure, your traffic and of course your business through the web. I’ll refer to this as ADVANCED TRACK.

I’ll also be republishing, and updating, my lessons for you to DIY your optimisation. I’ll refer to this as FUNDAMENTALS TRACK.

In addition future posts will also have case studies and/or Q&A sessions – all designed to help your business get to grips with search marketing.

Meanwhile you can see some of the many companies we work with who are achieving great results through search marketing at