So, here it is, your guide to optimising your website –all the tools, techniques and tricks to ensure you get good Google rankings and more web based business. (including new stuff for 2010)

You know all the positive arguments for getting free advertising on Google so I wont bore you by repeating all the compelling statistics – you know its now an essential requirement for every modern business regardless of what you are selling.

You’ll need to check a few things up front. I don’t want to start you off on this journey only to find you cant complete it (the vast majority of you will be fine though). You’ll need:

– A website to optimise (your own, or a clients if you are a web design agency)
– A computer and internet connection
– A notepad (electronic or conventional paper/pencil type)
– An IQ above 67
– A plan of action depending on your available time – for example you may wish to carry out 2 lessons per week so over 6 weeks you have made a big step forwards

Here are the links for all the lessons. Some of you will get rankings as soon as you have completed lesson 5.
If you need any more information please get in touch.

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Best of luck with it.

Lesson 1 – Essential Pre-requisites

Lesson 2 – Google Webmaster Central

Lesson 3 – Keyphrase Analysis 1

Lesson 4 – Optimising your Homepage – SEO copywriting

Lesson 5 – Optimising your Homepage – metatagging- Title tag

Lesson 6 – Optimising other metatags – description, H1, keyword, Alt tags

Lesson 7 – Link Building – 1

Lesson 8 – Optimising inner pages – Keyphrase analysis 2

Lesson 9 – Checking and monitoring your Positions plus Google analytics

Lesson 10 – Link Building – 2

Lesson 11 – Local SEO

Lesson 12- International SEO