There are some SEO projects where every part of the process runs smoothly and there are others when very little happens for months depending on resources available. Most of the time it is a mix between the two. This is the case with Seasoned Pioneers.


Matt has been fantastic from the start, with his eagerness to learn the process and prompt responses to queries he has been a delight to worth with. However due to the complexities of the website it has been decided to prioritise the SEO work such that the essential work gets done immediately and the less important and more complicated will be scheduled in later.

All the work to be done is detailed in our Technical Report and SEO Blueprint .

So here is an account of what has been done…

As you have seen from previous posts we have worked on the Keyphrase Analysis with Matt and have identified the keyphrases for the main pages and given some examples of products, recipes and potential new pages.


On the technical report we have:

  • A new Robots.txt file;
  • An XML Sitemap (but are awaiting priorities to be set).

There are still a lot of changes that need to be done including removing spaces from URLs, making URLs Search Engine Friendly (setting up 301 redirects for these changes), fixing all crawl errors (this is being worked on now), making the website W3C compliant (this is a low priority task) and  removing multiple Homepage links.


So as you can see there is still a lot of work to be done on the technical side. Some items will be done over the next month and some may not be possible due to website structure and associated costs.

The ‘SEO Blueprint’ is more promising and is higher priority. From this report almost all of the Title tags, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords have been changed. Over the next month we will be working on the texts and the developer should be adding H1 tags.


December Work

In December the following should be completed:

  • Removal of multiple homepage links;
  • Priorities added to sitemap;
  • Recommended H1 tags added to pages;
  • Texts added to pages following SEO Blueprint recommendations.

Once this work has been done more keyphrase analysis can start and product pages and new pages can be optimised using the techniques that have been shown in previous posts.

Monitoring & Reporting

Clearly an important part of the SEO process is measuring success. The changes made will have a positive impact on the SEO results and will start to generate additional sales. We have Google Analytics set up and also have conducted an initial  Ranking Report from which we can benchmark future results.

We will be publishing these initial results in January (22nd). On a month by month basis after that we will monitor results and make additional changes to drive additional success. We will also be deciding on some future objectives – in terms of traffic and sales increases – for the rest of 2013. So, you’ll see the next installment in January, have a great Christmas and Best Wishes for 2013.


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