Here’s some results for SEO improvements for Seasoned Pioneers. It is still early days and we have made minimal changes over the last month. However we have scheduled in a lot of work over the next 2 months so this is about to get very exciting.

At this stage the metrics we are monitoring for improvement are:-

-Increases in the levels of natural traffic

-Increases in the number of keyphrases rankings are achieved for

-Increases in the rankings of all target keyphrases

-Increases in rankings of target keyphrases

As well as the preliminary SEO on the site we have also worked on an additional 9 product pages to support another online marketing campaign with Delia Smith. However as mentioned above there will be a lot of SEO improvements over the next 2 months.

On a separate point you may know that Delia Smith has produced a new online cookery course and as a fan of SeaonedPioneers is showcasing their products…

[Collection of five spices] 

Traffic Increases



Here we have a couple of comparisons:
19th November (when we started work) – 5th March with the previous period (4th August – 18th November)

Organic Visits:

19th November – 5th March= 16,016
4th August – 18th November = 14,586
Increase of 9.80%

Previous Year (This will help us understand Seasonal Trends):
19th November 2012 – 5th March2013 = 16,096
19th November 2011 – 5th March2012 = 15,096
Increase 6.09%

As we can see there have been a few small increases in traffic already and it is very early days.

Increases in number of keywords ranked

Its important to stress that its very early days, we wouldnt have expected much change at this stage, however over the next couple of months most of the SEO work will be done and from then on we’ll see substantial improvements.keyphrases-seasoned

When we look on Google Analytics we can see how many phrases people have used to visit our website. So this is more useful information:

Keyphrases Visited For:

19th November – 5th March= 3,763
4th August – 18th November = 3,663
Increase of 80 phrases in a short time period.

Increases in rankings of target keyphrases

Here is a link to the Original Ranking Report
Here is a link to the Latest Ranking Report [This will automatically download a .xls spreadsheet]

When we first started we had 2 top number 1 listings and 33 top 10 listings. We now have 4 top number 1 listings (2 more) and 44 top 10 listings (11 more).

New Ranking Software

As you have probably noticed the new ranking report has a completely different format to the old one. This is because we have recently updated our ranking software. This new software combines different metrics that we use all in one place.

It combines:

  • Google Keywords Tool;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Search Engine Rankings;
  • Opensiteexplorer (links);
  • Social media metrics (including Facebook and twitter).

This is all in our new login areas with an easy to use micro website. We are very excited about this new software and there will be a post soon running through what it can do.