Let’s get straight into an example to show you what I mean….

You can see here that our customer, www.Plumbnation.co.uk , takes the top spot and their snippet has the shopping bag icon next to it indicating this result has been drawn from Google Base.

(Incidentally, Plumbnation will be the largest low cost, heating and plumbing ecommerce site in Europe – a great place to get the best deal on a Worcester Boiler)

There are a few important points to make about this:-

– They were number one on Google within a few weeks of their brand new website going live! on the search term you see above and many other variants of ‘boilers’.

(In fact Google will display results for you within 24 hrs of you submitting your products to G Base.)

– These entries are free! – not only this but are more effective for click throughs than conventional SEO and pay per click because the shopping bag icon makes them stand out.

So, how much better can it get than having rankings which are both free and better than Pay per Click?

So much for the myth that new sites take a long time to get free rankings.

I cant tell you how much money this customer has made since their site went live, customer confidentiality prohibits me from divulging this, but I can tell you its surpassed everyone’s expectations by a very wide margin. (I hope that seems understated enough – I’m trying desperately to suppress my desire to go overboard and hype this)

So, how does this work and why is it so effective? more detail later but there are a couple of points to make you aware of:-

1. The listings have been ‘optimised’ for G Base. A similar, but easier process, than conventional SEO.

2. Google Universal Search (which I may have mentioned before?) has a major part to play. Up until 6 months ago you would have to go to Google Base and do a search to see this result, but now, Google brings in results for its main search page from all over the place. (Including Google Base)

So, you need to go to Google Base and learn how to do this…
Its all there including what sorts of products and services its for (most actually)

If you dont have time to learn about it and do it – we can do it for you. Just give us a call or email and we’ll send you the details (jan@janklin.com; 01928 788100).
We have limited availability to run trials on this for some of you if you may be interested.

Dont hesitate too long….