Traffic Builder – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We have literally hundreds of clients who benefit from our unique approach. Some of their comments are listed below in testimonials or see some detailed client profiles.


Traffic Builder – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Service

The service comprises five components:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Keyphrase analysis
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Link Analysis
  • SEO Blueprint Report

And five optional components:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Link Building
  • Support Agreement

Technical Analysis

There are many potential impediments to good search engine results – server side issues, coding issues, site architecture, search engine settings, indexing issues, web technologies used, site speed issues – and several others.

The purpose of the analysis is to identify any factors which may inhibit good results and make detailed recommendations on how to overcome them.

Keyphrase Analysis

A crucial part of the SEO process is keyphrase analysis. We will carry out this analysis for you, with your input, and generate the best keyphrases for you to use to attract traffic to specific parts of your site.

These keyphrases will be based on relevance and popularity and will allow you to prioritise what specific searches you want to attract to different parts of your site. It will encompass search volume information as well as analytics information (if available).


This is a composite analysis based on information from your analytics, search volume information and ranking positions…

It enables us, for example, to identify specific phrases where minor changes can improve click throughs substantially.

In addition other important information will be obtained and reported on from the analytics regarding traffic – which countries which search engines, how much direct traffic and where its coming from, and so on.

Link Analysis

Links are an essential part of SEO work and we will produce a list of your links, (max 1000) with other important information about them (anchor text, domain authority etc). This will be provided in a separate spreadsheet.

We will also provide hyperlinks to our online lessons so that you can build additional links yourselves if you wish.

Optionally you may wish to see a visual map of your links – this enables you to identify important factors difficult to spot through a list.

SEO Blueprint

The report – or ‘SEO Blueprint’ we produce is very detailed and as well as including the analysis details above gives step by step detailed instructions on how to carry out the SEO work on a page by page basis. It typically runs to 15-20 pages.

It includes detail on how to structure each of the important metatags and other relevant metadata, the on-page text and links, and also how to make the relevant settings with the search engine interfaces (e.g. Google Search Console).


By using your major keyphrases we have identified, we can identify the top three-five online competitors.

Specifically we then conduct an analysis of their links and domain authority and this then allows us to identify the degree of link building work which needs to be done to bridge the ranking gap.

Online Zoom Coaching Sessions

This is broken up into three sessions, each one will take about 2 hours. It is based on our successful 1 day course we run for the Chartered Institute of Marketing and others – but personalised to take onto account your specific needs as identified by the SEO Blueprint. Working with you through the Blueprint and your website to ensure that you not only understand all of it but we also work with you on making the changes to your website, Google Analytics and anything else you need to get the very best form the sessions.

It covers all the latest search engine ranking factors and provides access to all tools and techniques we use in our professional SEO practice

The course modules cover:-

  • Introductions and Keyword Analysis
  • Auditing your site and technical analysis
  • Optimising your web pages
  • Link Building and Content Marketing
  • SEO Basics
  • Monitoring your performance
  • Advanced SEO issues – including International SEO



Many companies we deal with are happy to do the on-page SEO work themselves (or indeed use their own web design company) following the report and under our guidance and direction via telephone and email. The report is detailed enough for this to be carried out effectively.

In this case, typically, you would take out a support agreement with us. This will run for 12 months during which we will provide support and guidance on the implementation. Typically we would send out ranking reports as well at relevant times to show improvements.


If you prefer we can do all this work for you subject to the additional charges below.

If we carry out the work for you we do the other essentials – in particular registering with Google Search Console, setting up a XML sitemap and also Google Analytics so you can monitor your traffic improvements.


This is an essential component of SEO to move rankings in an upwards direction but it is offered as an option since its not relevant to all sites. We can offer a complete, tailored link building programme for you.

Support Agreement

Support agreements typically run for 12 months.

During this time we provide you (and/or your web developer) with telephone and email support to enable the implementation to progress most effectively.

We are always there to help answer questions and give advice and in addition at relevant points in time we can produce ranking reports for you, and other analysis through your analytics, to show what progress is being made

Partial Ranking Report…


The results from this activity will be a sequential month by month improvement in web site traffic and enquiries for your services. The content marketing activity will also increase your visibility across the web.


From being very cynical about what search engines could do for my businesses I am now reaping the benefits of having number one rankings in Google and the other major search engines for all my important keyphrases. This is as a direct result of working with Jan Klin to achieve this
Tony Gresty, Managing Director, ASG Services
In less than seven months , Jan Klin & Associates have transformed our business from being on the edge of Rack and Ruin , to the point that we are unable to cope with the amount of enquiries and job confirmations. My instincts kept telling me that You were the best option to go with and our Bank account balance , more than confirms that my instincts were spot on……….you guys are Top Class , Top Drawer Professionals who deliver a complete and utter no SUPERB SERVICE……Dealing with Jan Klin & Associates was and is the smartest move of my Professional Life and Career.
Andy McTaggart,, Managing Director, ALS Worldmovers
Thank you very much for including us in your circulation list for On-Line Marketing News, I especially enjoyed the podcasts. The advice that you have passed onto us over the years via your regular newsletters and your seminars has been invaluable and has played a major part in us achieving a 200% increase in our overall web sales during the first seven months… of 2006 when compared to the whole of last year.
Paul O'Carroll, Managing Director, Fingershield
Having utilised Jan’s services for SEO, PPC and Link Building etc, I would have no problem in recommending his services to you. Jan and his team are hard working, reliable, trustworthy and offer excellent value for money… we are currently on full tilt, another sign of his quality services.
Royden Evans, Managing Director, Plumbnation
Jan has been able to give our search engine optimisation efforts a structured,…focused and analytical backbone…with some striking…and immediate…results.
Nick Thomas, Managing Director, Cloggs UK
I employed Jan Klin Associates to get me higher rankings at all the search engines. Within a couple of months we were high in the rankings for our products and now some six months later we are in the top three on all the major search engines.
Steve Bithell, Managing Director, NK GROUP
Thanks for the report, I am very pleased. Just to let you know I have such a great response to the web site since you have been optimising it,…there is very little other advertising that…I need do. It has been great to be able just to let you get on with it with confidence.
Abbie Richardson, The Acupuncture Clinic
Having been on the course I can say that applying Jan’s teachings has certainly paid off for Maid2CLean and…our Alexa rankings have gone up by some 400,000 points. Frankly, the course was worth every penny.
Mike Hanrahan, Managing Director, Maid2Clean
I am over the moon with the results from the site, I have seen a significant increase in enquiries generated via the internet, thank you.
Pam Wilson, MD, Ampwire Ltd
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