This week we saw the end of Yahoo Site Explorer. In the past this has been a great tool to not only view the links coming into your website but to also have a sneak peek at your competitors links to start your competitor link analysis.


This has now been removed because Yahoo has completed it’s algorithmic transition with BING. So if you only used this tool to view your own links then good news; you can still use this tool through your BING webmaster tools. However if you used it to view your competitors’ links then you are probably thinking; Where Now?

There are quite a few paid link tools out there including:

There are also some tools that provide small amounts of information such as the Majestic SEO Site Explorer tool that will tell you how many links a website has and will show you the top 5 links.

SEOMoz also has a Site Explorer Tool and this will give you a little more information than Majestic but if you are a registered user of SEOMoz you can get a more extensive report together with use of many other great tools.

We have looked around for free Competitor link analysis tools and Majestic and Open Site Explorer are the best. They don’t fill the gap but they can be used to give you an overview of what your competitors are doing.

Posted by Jon Seymour.