Why Yahoo? I hear you say. Simply because Yahoo gives reasonably accurate information about this. You can use Google through your webmaster central login to find your own of course – but Yahoo will help you see your competitors links also.

Here’s the url https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/ – just type in the web address you are interested in (yours or a competitors)…….


Click the ‘inlinks’ options as shown below….


Then make sure the ‘except from this domain’ and ‘entire site’ options are selected. The first option will eliminate your own internal links from the count; the second will count the total number of links into your site (rather than just links into the homepage)….


You can see this site has 1336 links (a pretty healthy number) and if you scroll down you will see the actual links. So if this is your competitors site, as well as finding the number you can also see the actual links he has – and maybe some of these would be good links for you also.