Nothing exists …..
until it is communicated ….. David Ogilvy

How effectively is your web site communicated?

Businesses have their sales multiplied by getting top rankings on Google.

Here is your opportunity to join them.

There’s no reason to pay expensive consultants to do it for you, the process for you to DIY it is straightforward, and that’s what you’ll learn in this powerful new workshop – the secrets of getting top rankings.

What you will take from the workshop:

Your own structured action plan completed from the workbook provided to get you top search engine rankings

– Knowledge on how to use the latest tools available on the web to help you get high rankings

– The latest techniques and approaches for out-competing your top competitors

This is not a seminar presentation – this is a workshop which will provide you with the tools, knowledge and structured plan to enable you to succeed in Search Engine Marketing.

You will also have access to the course tutor (who is an acknowledged expert in the field) during and between workshop sessions to address your own issues.

What is expected of you:

– Attend 3 x 3 hour sessions, once per week for three weeks (morning or evening)
– During the sessions you will be encouraged to complete your structured action plan as the modules progress
– In between each module you will have some ‘homework’ to do on your own site (tools and templates will be provided to simplify this)
– You (or your web site designer) should then implement the plan you have put together and watch your business increase.

What is the cost?

£97.50 plus Vat per module (£292.50 plus Vat for the whole course)

If you implement your plan following the course this should represent the highest return on investment you could ever hope to get through any business activity.

To sign up for a course in your area call Jan Klin now on 01928 788100 or email at jan@janklin.com.

“Having been on the course I can say that applying Jan’s teachings has certainly paid off for Maid2CLean and our Alexa rankings have gone up by some 400,000 points. Frankly, the course was worth every penny”
Mike Hanrahan, Managing Director, Maid2Clean, www.maid2clean.co.uk

The modules in detail:

The tutor will guide you through the process to successful optimisation, showing you real live examples and the use of web based tools. As the course progresses you will make appropriate entries in your structured workbook leading to your blueprint for high search engine ranking performance.

Module 1:

Content includes:

– An outline of the ‘best practice’ structured process to optimisation
– The major factors which will provide good ranking – both within your website and external factors
– How search engines work and which are important
– Using web based tools to assess your current position
– How to find the most effective keyphrases to bring relevant visitors to your site
– Using the latest web tools to identify the best keyphrases
– Assessing the ‘relevance’, ‘popularity’ and ‘competition’ for your keyphrases

Homework: Using web based tools and the spreadsheet provided to identify and shortlist your keyphrases.

Module 2:

Content includes:

– Identifying ‘roadblocks’ – are there any impediments in your site preventing good search engine performance?
– Using web tools to identify any issues
– Assessing your sites ‘spiderability’ and internal link structure using web based tools
– Explaining metadata and identifying the most important metadata in your site for top search engine performance
– Structuring your title, description, keyword and H1 tags for optimisation
– Explaining ‘keyword density’ and the importance of effective copy writing for high rankings
– Using web based tools to analyse your existing copy and keyword density

Homework: Optimising your metadata and existing content for optimum search engine performance (for your homepage; it’s the same process for all other pages). Structured online templates will be provided to facilitate this for you.

Module 3:

Content includes:

– Submitting your site to search engines and directories
– Some web based tools to help with the process
– A structured approach to developing your linking strategy
– The importance of backlinks to your search engine rankings
– How to develop and assess links from the best sources
– Structuring your ‘anchor text’ for optimum search engine performance
– Analysing your links and your competitors links using web based tools

Homework: Progressing your link and directory strategy. Online templates will be provided so you can do this in a structured way; Kicking off your optimisation blueprint.

Typical agenda for each module:

8.30 Registration and light breakfast

9.00 Session 1 starts for this module

10.30 – 10.45 Coffee Break

10.45 Session 2 starts for this module

12.15 Close

Who should attend:

This is for senior members of small and medium businesses who wish to generate more businesses through their website. You may be a business owner, or you may be responsible for your company website. The course will be delivered at a business level (not technical) although additional content will be provided in the workbooks for the more technical delegate’s requirements.

It is not sector specific – it is relevant to all business sectors and as much to service companies as consumer focused and manufacturing companies.