Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Use SEO Science and Make Money for Your Company

The ‘black art’ days of SEO are now a thing of the past. It’s now a recognised marketing science with the power to deliver real business benefits.

We offer a tried and trusted, credible, money-making subscription service to make it easier for you to get it absolutely right.

We’ve developed systems to ensure that you can give your clients higher rankings, tangible results and increased business.

Simple Service – Tangible Business Benefits….You and your clients win

It’s a “white label” service, at a reasonable price, so you could mark-up by as much as 100% and brand it as your own.

The benefits to you are obvious but worth repeating:

• A source of revenue – an add on service for your agency (with a typical 100% margin on our standard rates)
• Additional source of revenue – through client website updates and improvements
• Puts you at the forefront of SEO development
• Increases customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy – because of their high search engine positions
• Provides your agency with new skills, without the added cost of recruiting.

How does it work? We can help you identify your top three clients who would gain most benefit from enhanced SEO. This gives you the confidence to offer a full SEO service, knowing that these clients would get immediate improvements in rankings and a related increase in business.

We would provide:

• A comprehensive SEO report for each client, with detailed instructions on how to optimise their sites and maximise rankings
• Keyphrase and technical analysis from professionals with a long track record for working with the major search engines and web developers
• Guaranteed prompt e-mail and telephone technical support
• A monthly report showing keyphrase positions against major search engines (typically the top ten)
• Regular reports direct to you, the client or both – branded according to your specifications
• Copies of marketing materials to promote the SEO service
• Free access to our authoritative ‘SEO Webinar’ to train your staff (normally costs £250 through the Institute of Direct Marketing).

How much does it cost?
Its designed to ensure you make money from it – so you’ll get up to a 50% discount off our normal pricing.

What to do next? To hear about the benefits in more detail, question me on why our service is at the leading edge and offers tangible results, please call me or email.

Yours sincerely

Jan Klin

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