‘Google Universal Search’ is something I’ve mentioned before, but I’m now convinced it will have a dramatic effect on the way Search Marketers go about their business.

It also means those of you who exploit it stand to gain substantial advantages over your online competitors.

Look at the following search:-

What you see here is one company dominating the first 5 positions. The significance of this of course is that their competitors are being kept out of the frame so their click throughs, and the number of sales or enquiries, is maximised.

(Remember that these 5 positions account for anywhere between 50% to 90% of click throughs.)

This possibility has been brought about through ‘universal search’. Essentially it means that Google is now bringing its results from different databases to try to deliver the best results for searchers – not just their main index. As you can see above YouTube clips are also integrated.

Where else does Google bring it results from?

So, Google will now bring results from its main index, from You Tube, from its image database (like for Britney Spears below):-

Takes a good photo doesnt she?

And many other sources including blogs, google news, google local/maps and of course Google Base.

Raising The Bar for Search Marketing

So, the task for our clients is not just to get them one snippet at the top of the hitlist but to get multiple snippets in there to maximise click throughs.

Its not difficult to submit your images to google images; its easy to set up a blog; its simplicity itself to upload a clip to YouTube; Its essential to submit to Google local and get yourself on a google map (see previous post on how to do this).
Last, but by no means least, enter your products or services at Google base.. By doing this you’ll even appear in search results if you havent got a website!

Of course as you do these things you’ll need to optimise your submissions to ensure you get high rankings for them. For example if you add images to the Google images database you’ll need to make sure the filenames include a keyphrase. I could go on but there’s oodles of stuff on the web about this already – just do a search, for example, for ‘google images SEO’. Interestingly if you do this you’ll even get (courtesy of Google Universal Search) a videoclip of a chap from Google explaining how to do it.

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