Inbound Marketing

What is In bound Marketing? – its certainly a new term which has crept into the lexicon of digital marketers over the past 12 months, it can best be summarised by the following diagram:-

Inbound Marketing

These three items are the main cornerstones of inbound marketing – they are disciplines in themselves but the beauty is that the synergy between all three can transform the effectiveness of your digital marketing to new levels. Its a 1 plus 1 plus 1 = 5 (or even 7!) scenario.

This is what we do; this is what we help our customers to do with tremendous results.

There’s more detail on the interaction between SEO, content and inbound marketing here.

Outbound marketing a thing of the past?

We all know the problems with outbound marketing – telesales, mailshots, print adverts and so on – they are invasive; they depend on hitting people with enough messages to get one or two to respond – its industrial age marketing with huge wastefulness attached. Contrast with someone doing a Google search for, for example ‘sony vaio latest laptop range’ and arriving on a web page that provides exactly that. Buyer and seller have been united at the optimal time – that is when the buyer chooses. Inbound marketing creates qualified prospects finding you at the right time.

Outbound marketing is not quite dead, but it’s terminally ill.

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Inbound Marketing

So Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the jewel in the crown of Inbound Marketing and its what we specialise in (have a look at some of our client profiles and major SEO projects to see the range of SEO services we offer) – however its supported and consolidated by Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing activities which delivers visibility and also supplements your SEO effectiveness.

Inbound Marketing Funnel

Remember though Social Media should be used as ‘top of the funnel’ activity and not for overt selling.

If you know you should be carrying out social media activities on a regular basis but don’t have the time – get in touch – we have a range of packaged services which can help you here all focused on posting regularly, interacting with you customers and increasing fans and followers for business benefit.

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In its most basic case ‘content marketing’ is simply distributing as much of your content to as many relevant web destinations as possible. You may already have lots of this – start with a content audit and you’ll be surprised at what you already produce – you may already be producing press releases, articles, blog posts, guides, whitepapers, hints and tips to name a few. Distribute it widely – its much more useful to you and your prospective customers out there on the web than residing on your own systems.

The advantage of this is that not only does it increase your general visibility on the web – that is it allows people to find you at the most relevant place at the most relevant time – but it helps your SEO by automatically creating backlinks to your site.

There’s more information on content strategies and content auditing here.

Website content strategies and Inbound Marketing

Do you have a content strategy?

Again, we can help with this – both in helping you with the creation of content and the distribution of it – just get in touch if you need more information.

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