Social Media Marketing

Everyone wants to do it.. Nobody knows where to start.

Our approach is to use an integrated blog as your launchpad into social media. There are many benefits to this and here’s a recent blogpost which discusses our approach in more detail.

Evolve Your Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Starter Pack

This is a packaged service designed to get you moving into social media, it comprises:

Setting up and integrated Blog for you

We’ll set it up to:

  • Be integrated with your website domain so it helps with your SEO
  • Be brand compatible with your website
  • Include various ways of communicating with your audience – RSS, social bookmarks, email
  • Have several customised categories depending on what subject areas you want to blog about
  • Integrate with your FaceBook and Twitter pages so you populate these entities automatically as you blog

Facebook Business Page

We’ll set up an attractive Facebook business page for you with all relevant categories in place – info, wall, photos etc.

Here’s an example –

The info section will be populated from your business overview/about us part of your website. Alternatively you can provide new text for us.

The wall section will be contributed to automatically as you blog.

Your Twitter account

Well set up your twitter account for you. Again this will be populated automatically as you blog with a limited snippet followed by a link to the main article on the blog.

Social Bookmarking

There are over 120 social bookmarking sites (here’s a full list link including the well known like Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Reddit)

Each month we’ll bookmark your blogposts (articles etc) such that over 12 months you have visibility in all of them. Many of them will also add to your backlink count for SEO benefits.

That’s it! Your launch into social media. Please contact us for pricing information (01492 460 460)

There is much more to do of course depending on how much time you want to spend contributing to the various social media entities but this will let you get started. We can also provide further help in other social media – YouTube and video optimisation for example. We can also produce articles and posts for you if you wish to get you moving. Again please call us if you’d like to discuss your specific needs.

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Contact Us

Please contact us for more information – t: 01492 460 460,
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