We all know that there are many different ranking factors to Google, and other search engines, including Web design, Web speed, Content on your website, Links, Social Media, Analytical information, UX (User Experience) and more.  There has always been debate about what the highest ranking factors are, and it has generally been perceived to be between links and content.  The truth is that you will always need quality in both of these areas along with the other factors for true success.


Over the next couple of months we are going to work on each of these ranking factors, one by one, and run through their importance to search.  These posts will not be full lessons, like we have provided in the past.  Instead, we intend this to be more of a hints and tips area.  The assumption will be that you have already used the lessons, as these lessons are the ‘Beginners Guide’.  These are a little dated but the main concepts still apply, so we recommend that you read through them first:

Before You Start
Lesson 1: Website Design & Development
Lesson 2: Keyword Analysis
Lesson 3: Implementing Changes
Lesson 4: Link Building an Online Reputation

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Jon Seymour: 01492 460 460, jon@janklin.com.