Imagine that you receive a telephone enquiry – and immediately you know which keyword the caller typed in to find your site, whether it was from SEO or Pay per Click, which webpage they called you from, whether it was from an email you sent them or some other source – some offline publication for example.

We can do that now and much more – its called ‘visitor level call tracking’ (VLCT). In the past its been relatively straightforward to track if you have ecommerce site with transactions involved, but its been an issue for many sites for a long time where phone call enquiries rather than transactions have been the main call to action from the site.

VLCT has been around for a while but previously its been cumbersome and not really cost effective for smaller companies. All that has changed and now its a great addition to tracking and metrics for all sites. Imagine how useful it is to know which keyphrases are leading to the most profitable enquiries – and whether they are from SEO, PPC or some other source.

How Does it work?

A unique phone number is generated for each visit to the website – and it’s this number that can then be tracked and all data related to that call is then stored – call duration, keyphrase typed in, PPC or SEO, geographic location, time of call and so on. All this information is then made available to you through a user friendly dashboard to enable detailed analysis and streamlining of your online marketing campaigns to take place.


What other things can we do with VLCT?

We can see the call profile over time. This is useful for planning purposes when you are expecting to receive a large volume of calls…..


Very importantly for some campaigns we can see the geographic location the call came from….


You can see call duration, time of call and you can even listen to the calls after the event for training /improvement purposes – this information is stored on our servers for a month after the call.

This data is really the missing piece of the jigsaw as far as monitoring and improving online marketing campaigns is concerned. It’s not a standard offering but many of our existing and new clients are seeing the benefit of this low cost addition to their metrics. Let me know if it’s of interest to you and I can send along some additional information including costings – or call 01928 788100.