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Google Page Titles

Google have recently announced (Better Page Titles in Search Results -12th Jan 2012) that the Google algorithm is so advanced that it no longer has to default to a website page Title Tag in its search results. If pages are well optimised for search engines then Google will use the Title Tag that has been used for the page because it will be relevant but for pages that don’t have Title Tags assigned or have irrelevant title tags  (at this point I say shame on you); Google will use data that it deemed as most relevant.

You may have noticed this happening recently. Mainly we have seen Google Automatically adding company names to the end of title tags. For example if you type Blue Sheep Services into Google then you will see the following snippet:


However on this page the Title tag is simply so Google has added in the company name to improve its relevance to the search term used.

Google Monthly Series On Algorithm Changes

Last month Google announced that from now on they will be publishing lists of improvements that they are making to search engines. This is a topic that we covered in our last News Round Up.

In December Google made 30 improvements and most of them now have codenames to make it easier for us to relate to them; aw, thanks Google.

Here’s a summary and the detail can be found here …..Google Insider Search Blog

  • Image Search landing page quality signals.
    [launch codename “simple”]
  • More relevant sitelinks. [launch codename “concepts”, project codename “Megasitelinks”]
  • Soft 404 Detection.
  • More accurate country-restricted searches. [launch codename “greencr”]
  • More rich snippets.
  • Better infrastructure for autocomplete.
  • Better spam detection in Image Search. [launch codename “leaf”]
  • Google Instant enhancements for Japanese.
  • More accurate byline dates. [launch codename “foby”]
  • Live results for NFL and college football. [project codename “Live Results”]
  • Improved dataset for related queries.
  • Related query improvements. [launch codename “lyndsy”]
  • Better lyrics results. [launch codename “baschi”, project codename “Contra”]
  • Tweak to +1 button on results page.
  • Better spell correction in Vietnamese. [project codename “Pho Viet”]
  • Upcoming events at venues.
  • Improvements to image size signal. [launch codename “matter”]
  • Improved Hebrew synonyms. [launch codename “SweatNovember”, project codename “Synonyms”]
  • Safer searching. [launch codename “Hoengg”, project codename “SafeSearch”]
  • Encrypted search available on new regional domains.
  • Faster mobile browsing. [launch codename “old possum”, project codename “Skip Redirect”]

Other News

Google has profited from illegal Olympic Ticket Ads

The BBC has reported that There have been Google Ads selling unofficial Olympic 2012 tickets as well as fake Ids and Cannabis. However as soon as the BBC brought them to Google’s attention they were promptly removed. Olympic Ticket Ads – Full Story

New Google Changes Upset Twitter

This week Google announced a major search update called Google Search, Plus Your World. Which is includes Google+ in the Google search results to help personalise search results.

Twitter have claimed that this is bad for the web and will warp results.

Find out more about Google Search, Plus Your World.

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