I got to know of this blog only a few months ago. Is there an easy way of guiding me through the whole process rather than having to go back to the ‘archive’ and ‘previous’ for all the early lessons?
Susan Marks, Property Consulting Ltd, Grantham


I’ve listed all the lessons below, with hyperlinks, in the correct order for you so you can use this to guide yourself through the process in a logical fashion.

This is where the process to successful SEO is outlined, essentially the stages we will follow to optimise our site:

Lesson 1 is about auditing, checking on ‘where you are now’ with your important keywords:

Lesson 2 is more on auditing – checking whether there are any issues preventing good rankings:

Lessons 3 and 5 are about the all important finding of effective keyphrases (lesson 4 is about ‘pay per click’)

Lesson 6 is about structuring the TITLE tag – the most important metadata in your site as far as SEO is concerned:

Lesson 7 is about structuring your visible content and other important metatags

Lessons 8,9 (and part of 10) are about the important process of Link Building

Lesson 10
covers monitoring, measuring and improving you SEO: