QUESTION: Ive used your webinar very successfully over the past six months but is there anything new I should be aware of since it was produced?

Mike Hardcastle, GeoMapping Ltd, Somerset

ANSWER: The first thing to say is that the webinar (and the blog lessons also) are still valid and will bring you great success in your seo activities.

I would like however to outline some new points – mainly changes of emphasis you should be aware of :-

1. The first module focuses on Keyphrase analysis and the tools /techniques approaches are all very relevant but we place less emphasis on KEIs nowadays (keyword effectiveness indices).

There’s a more accurate method for deciding and prioritising keyphrases outlined in a recent post.

2. The third module focuses on optimising your content. Again all perfectly valid but the search engine spiders are getting cleverer so LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) is an important factor as well as density issues – see this post for more information.

3. The fourth module covers the subject of backlinking. Again still very important but ‘google bombing’ George Bush no longer works. Does this mean big G has changed it algorithm to prevent ‘google bombing’? – some say so, I think not as getting good anchor text in inbound links still makes a big difference (other say it was a ‘hand job’ where specific bombs were defused for political correctness).

Much more on the value of the Page Rank indicator in assessing backlink quality at a recent post.

I’ll make you aware of any other changes you should be aware of as they arise.