The process we’ll go through and the posting dates are below. However, it’s normal to start a SEO programme with some objectives about what we wish to achieve, it’s also quite normal to change and refine these objectives as we move forwards.

With Seasonedpioneers the objectives will be to:-

-Increase the levels of traffic (later we’ll be able to say by how much)

-Increase the volume of online sales (again we should be able to quantify this as we move forwards)

-Increase the conversion rate from visits to sales (not strictly a SEO thing but definitely a by product of good SEO is improving conversions through more effective landing pages)

-Increase the number of keyphrases rankings are achieved for

-Increase the rankings of all target keyphrases.

The reason for some of the vagueness here is that there is quite a lot of groundwork to do – and once it’s done the scale of our task will be clearer, so we will try to quantify some of the above points as we move forwards.

It should also be noted that good SEO is not just about increasing traffic – it’s about this but also about improving the quality of traffic so that more enquiries and sales result.

We’ll use the metrics referred to above to measure our progress.

The SEO Process

Here’s an outline of the SEO process we are intending to go through with Seasonedpioneers and a schedule for you so you know what to look out for. This process will work well for your site also:-

  1. Technical Analysis and Audit – posted November 20th

There are some checks it’s important to make before the start of a SEO programme.

We’ll share with you the checks we do, the tools we use and let you know the significance of them – that is, what, if anything should be done about the findings. It will include checks on the coding, architecture, server side issues, speed checks, link maps and others.

  1. Keyphrase and Traffic Analysis – posted 27th November

Most people think they know how to do this. We’ll show you the process we use combining search volume, rankings and click through information which delivers the best keyphrase combinations to drive the most effective qualified traffic

  1. SEO Blueprint report – posted 4th December

This is a comprehensive report which will give step by step instructions on what to do to each page to make sure its properly optimised for the target phrases. We’ll show the ideal structure of textual content, metadata and internal links

  1. Implementation programme – posted 11th December

The report will then get implemented. SEO is not something which can be done overnight – so its important to prioritise and get the essentials done first which is what will happen. The most important work will get done over the next few weeks.

5.  Results – posted 22nd Jan

We should get some early results which we’ll report to you on – but from now on we’ll notice improvements monthly which we’ll keep you informed on.

PS – if you wish to be considered for your site to get the treatment above – let us know as we’ll be doing another form February 2013.

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