Interview Between Lynn Fotheringham, Director of Iobuild ( and Jan Klin

How would you describe your company and its mission?

Small with a big website! Everyone who contacts us presumes that we are a large national company. I don’t think we are misleading them, I think because we have good rankings they assume we must be big.

Our mission is to design and build top quality additional living space in our client’s gardens. We solve accommodation problems in a unique way by building ‘housing quality’ home offices in people’s gardens.

We also design and build en-suite guest rooms and granny annexes for the bottom of the garden. A great alternative for people who don’t have the space to extend their house.

How long have you had a website and what is its main purpose?

We have had a website since the day we started trading four years ago. Our website is our only route to our customers. Because our clients come from diverse backgrounds and interest groups and can live anywhere in the country, contacting them through targeted, printed media is difficult.

Does the site work for you? ie deliver the benefits you were expecting?

The site does work for us, but I do need to work on expanding our marketing to drive more prospective customers to it.

What is your online marketing strategy? – which methods do you use to attract potential customers?

Our on-line strategy is purely based on search rankings. Thanks to your effort (Jan) we are positions one and two for our two main search terms.

More specifically for the term garden office we are second out of 157,000,000 competing pages! and for the term garden offices first out of 4,700,000!

Adwords for niche markets such as ours is prohibitively – up to £2 per click.

How does your online activity mesh with your offline marketing?

The market we are trading in is new and I have yet to find a reliable form of off-line marketing. I am always open to suggestions for off-line activity!

How much business do you do on the web?

How do you see the future regarding your online activity?

I find it alarming that we have to rely 100% on the web, so I do value your work (Jan) as a way of protecting our valuable position.

What is the single biggest lesson you have learned about your web activities?

We have to fight hard to keep our position using ethical methods. Some of our competitors aren’t interested in trading ethically on the internet and use cloaking and other dubious techniques. I think this makes them the losers in the long run.

Can you imagine life without a website?

It would be nice, but I wouldn’t have a business