We will build you a blog integrated within your domain and in addition we’ll ensure your articles and blog posts are included in all the major social bookmarking sites and blog directories.

Blog Example


In short, its a great way to increase your web site traffic AND improve your search engine rankings (Full details and the background to this and the benefits are included here)

What we’ll do for you:

The Blog will use WordPress technology – the most effective blogging platform for features and SEO compliance

The blog will match your website design – so your visitors will have the same look and feel between your blog and your site, and will be able to seamlessly navigate between the two.

We’ll set up your blog with a series of categories and other content areas specific to your needs (It can include video and image content)

Options will include – calendar, blogroll, keyword clouds, comment feature, trackbacks

We’ll ensure a RSS subscription and social bookmarking options are included.

We’ll provide telephone assistance to get it working well for you

Every month we bookmark your article or blog post to 6 social bookmarking sites
(This could be the same article or blog post or a new one created by you)

We’ll ensure that the article gets ‘tagged’ correctly with the relevant keywords – so people doing keyword searches at these sites will find your link

In addition we’ll ensure you are included in all the major Blog directories


please call Jan Klin on 01928 788100 or email at jan@janklin.com


£495 plus £95 per month – plus vat

NOTE: If you decide you dont want a blog, but still want all the advantages of social bookmarking, we can replace the blog production with ‘article’ production. What this means is that we would create a keyword/backlink rich article for you, include it in a relevant place on your website and apply the social bookmarking process to it.