We have now been working with Matt Webster at Seasoned Pioneers for a few months, so we will start this post with his view on how it has been going:

“Since fortuitously meeting Jan, Jan Klin Associates have completed some initial SEO work for us. We have been very impressed with the increase in search traffic and resulting revenue (currently +30%).

“It is still early days and we have high hopes that the even more recent SEO work will yield even greater returns. Undoubtedly engaging Jan Klin Associates has been both a very worthwhile project and a very positive experience. As a result, we are currently discussing with them the next steps that can be taken to enhance the visibility of the site even further.”

Matt Webster

Seasoned Pioneers

March, April & May Improvements

During March, April and May we have undertaken quite a lot of work on behalf of Seasoned Pioneers, optimising 180 product pages including, individual products, gift-boxes, their gourmet sauces range and their ready chopped range.

A few examples of the product pages optimised in support of the Delia Smith marketing campaign, mentioned in the previous post, have started to show significant improvement due to the on-site SEO process undertaken especially in keyphrase selection, for example:


When we look into the data a little deeper we can see the improvements in key areas originally undertaken at the beginning of the project with major keyphrases relating to spices for the home, category and product pages:

african-spices buy-spices-online spices-online spices-uk

At this stage the metrics we are monitoring for improvement are, (as always):-

-Increases in the levels of natural traffic

-Increases in the number of keyphrases rankings are achieved for

-Increases in the rankings of all target keyphrases

-Increases in rankings of target keyphrases

Traffic Increases

Here we have a couple of comparisons:
19th November (when we started work) – 31st May with the previous annual period.

  2012-2013 2011-2012 Increase %Increase
All 54,363 47,341 7,022 14.83%
Organic 26,529 25,633 896 3.50%
Direct 17,923 11,564 6,359 54.99%
Referral 9,861 7,931 1,930 24.33%

Organic Visits:

As we can see there have been a increases in traffic already and it is still early days in the project as a whole as the bulk of the work has been carried out over the last couple of months.

Increases in number of keywords ranked

Its important to stress that it’s still early days, we are expecting a lot of change now that a substantial amount of SEO work has done and this should yield considerable improvements.


When we look on Google Analytics we can see how many phrases people have used to visit our website. So this is more useful information:

Keyphrases Visited For:

19th November – 31st May = 5,794

9th May – 18th November = 6,021

Decrease of 227 phrases.

However the (not provided) figure is the reason for this. Since November we have had 7,981 Not Provided visits compared with 4,959 in the past.

Increases in rankings of target keyphrases

Here is a link to the Original Ranking Report

Here is a link to the The Latest Ranking Report 

[This will automatically download a .xls spreadsheet]
  Dec 2012 Mar 2013 Apr 2013 May 2013
First Place 2 4 8 9
In Top 10 33 44 57 56
In Top 20 57 70 79 93
In Top 30 70 81 95 107

When we first started we had 2 top number 1 listings and 33 top 10 listings. We now have 9 top number 1 listings (7 more) and 56 top 10 listings (23 more).